Data Description

181 confocal images from 30 patients and 50 different sites are made available from a previous clinical trial conducted at the Gastroenterology and Liver Services of the Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital (Sydney, Australia).
Subjects of that study were recruited with known CD, suspected CD, and controls. Each patients underwent a confocal gastroscopy (Pentax EC-3870FK, Pentax, Tokyo, (Japan) under conscious sedation and with a IV-aliquots of fluorescein sodium and topical acriflavine hydrochloride to enhance images. CLE images and forceps biopsies of the same sites were taken sequentially at standardized locations at 5 small intestinal sites. Small intestinal specimens were taken precisely matched to the CLE imaging sites and were assessed by 2 experienced blinded histopathologists independently and subsequently reviewed during a single session for internal consistency.

Each image is classified has showing a normal mucosa, villous atrophy or crypt hypertrophy, as increase severity of coeliac disease damage to the intestinal mucosa.

The data has been divide into a training set (60% of the imaged site) and test set (40% of the imaged site).

Each file in the training set is named as train_imagenumber_diagnosis_site, where:

  • imagenumber: is a consecutive code number for the images
  • diagnosis: can be NR (normal mucosa), VA (mucosa showing villous atrophy), CH (mucosa showing crypt hypertophy), VACH (mucosa showing both villous atrophy and crypt hypertrophy)
  • site: the unique code identifying a patient and imaging site 

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